This site is the result of passion, research and experimentation of the Mandala that animate my life for years. 
It is a notebook in which to give orders to my notes scattered to the suggestions of readings and special meetings with special persons. 
I would like remember someone here, but they are more. Martha Bartfeld and her Magic Mandala,  Marilyn Clark my tutor during the course of Mandala Programme, Susanne Fincher the leader of Mandala Programme, Dam Chhoi Lama that opened me the door of traditional Tibean Mandala. Verena Von Loesch who introduced me to the Mandala ten years ago helped me grow and mature into chaos of my uncertainty because she always said me: 'when the heart is fixed on something all is possible'.  And some Dine'- Navajo that opened my mind about sand painting, and medicine wheel during my jurney in the great grasslands of the Southwestern United States where the Navajo Nation preserves its traditions and its millenary myth. Many international artists, Chris Flisher, Leo D'Lazaro, Digital Dave, Giampistone. And all people of Mandala Oasis Group... they are fantastic!
All these people are a gift into my life!

None of this would take shape if I had not had the person close to me that  accompanying me and believes in me more than I do myself. The person who introduced me to the IT world and its secrets, which regarded with affection my eccentricity and supported all my choice, my husband Carlo. My wings.

With the hope that you find your center and from there spread full of good energy and positive ...
Happy surfing.


News and announcements about Mandala world

  • This page is dedicated all people that work with Mandala and that send me info 
    about them meetings, courses, seminars, workshop with the mandala... and related world.
    Enjoy of all these events and attend!

  • 5-7 April - Bologna –Italy International intensive Workshop Mandalas as Wisdom Source I have no words enough for explain my feeling and my deep emotions.Several months after our first workshop in Italy with Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clark I feel that the grace, the devotion and all the big gifts that the mandala brought in my life are still fresh.I have to give a big thank to all people, special women and men that attended, my husband that helped and supported me. The manager of Palazzo Isolani that gave us the beautiful historic building in the center of Bologna as place where stay for our long week end of mandala.It was a great experience and if you are interested in you can contact me to this email: eventi@mandalaweb ...
    Posted Jun 12, 2013, 12:34 PM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • Where is Starr DiCiurcio? Mandalas as Spiritual PracticeRev. Starr Regan DiCiurcio, PresenterSpirtual Directors International ConferenceSt. Paul, Minnesota USAApril 12 --
    Posted Apr 3, 2013, 3:38 PM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • 5-7 April 2013 - Bologna, Italy – Workshop Mandalas as Wisdom Source Presenters: Susanne F. Fincher and Marilyn F. ClarkApril 5 - 7, 2013Costs350 Euros until January 31 380 Euros February 1 – 28, 400 Euros beginning March 1*Location: Sala Capodilucca, Bologna, ItalySponsored by: Annalisa Ippolito with, and Altrinformazione Cultural AssociationWe will meet in an ancient, restored mill in the center of Bologna, Italy, during the glorious month of April, for this weekend of focused learning and hands-on creative experience.  Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clark will explain their way of creating and exploring meaning in personal mandalas, inspired by the psychology of C.G. Jung, Joan Kellogg, and others.  Susanne and Marilyn will present information about color and form in mandalas. They will also introduce ...
    Posted Dec 16, 2012, 12:15 PM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • THREE MANDALA WORKSHOP August - October - December  
    Posted Jul 19, 2012, 8:29 AM by Annalisa Ippolito
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My Writings

  • This space is for publishing my last searches, interview, events wich I participate involving Mandala. 
    I hope that across this space the harmony and the power of mandala could flowing in everyone as a big gift. 
    With the Contact page each one is invited to send me info, news, articles, and study about mandala in the world. I hope to enrich this space and create a web of interested people in the Mandala and its world.
    Thank you and enjoy your reading!
  • Talking with Sue O'Kieffe about Mandala Sue O' Kieffe is a physical and emotional intuitive and visionary artist, she make mandala with different tools inspired by nature. We are in touch from many years and I have always looked her work with admiration and curiosity, now it is time to share some words about her work with all readers of Annalisa: Hi, Sue when did you first encounter the Mandala?Sue: Hi Annalissa.  Thanks for asking me to do this interview and be part of your website.I remember looking at posters of Hindu mandalas when I was in high school and college, but they didn't make much sense to me. They confused my Western mind. I would say my first conscious memory ...
    Posted Sep 7, 2015, 3:22 AM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • Mandala at MIT I respectfully urge you who study the mystery,don't pass your days and nights in vain.Sekito Kisen, SandokaiMandala @ MITThe Medicine Buddha: Harmony, Healing, and Well-BeingOctober 23 - November 1, 2014 at the Massachusetts Institute of TechnologySimmons Hall | 229 Vassar Street | Cambridge | MA Public viewing is free. Donations appreciated.Public viewing hours are 11am-5pm on all day (except October 31, open until 7pm).Schedule:October 25, 5:30pm: Opening CeremonyOctober 29, 7pm: (Tentative) Screening of "Rising Tide of Silence"October 30, 1pm: Talk by Alan Wallace, at the MIT Media LabNovember 1, 2pm: Closing and Dismantling CeremonyThe Monks of Gaden Shartse Dokhang Monastery The monks of Gaden Shartse Dokhang Monastery are ...
    Posted Oct 14, 2014, 5:53 AM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • Mandala Solstice and blessed words The warmth of the sun's embrace, the gentle breeze swept in by incoming tide,the rhythm of seasons, of new birth, death and recreation.All these speak so clearly of your love, your power and your beauty. All are expressions of your creativity, and more importantly of yourself.As an artist might share his personality within each brushstroke, so within the myriad colours of a butterfly's wing you share the exuberance of your love© John Birch. 
    Posted Jun 22, 2014, 1:03 AM by Annalisa Ippolito
  • Mandala from Africa Ronel E Duvenage is an artist from South Africa that creates mandala in different kind of materials.I found them very interesting and have asked her to share with us her experience with mandala.Annalisa Ippolito: Hello Ronel, could you tell us when did you first encounter mandala? Ronel E Duvenage: In around 1995 I was sitting scribbling flower patterns, continuing with a flower inside a flower and the learned they form a mandala which was a new discovery for me, but felt very familiar in practising. Looking back at art I did when I started painting before, I always painted around something, like a cup, pot or plate...a circle form:) not realizing its a mandala.I started living ...
    Posted Mar 31, 2014, 7:29 AM by Annalisa Ippolito
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