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5-7 April - Bologna –Italy International intensive Workshop Mandalas as Wisdom Source

posted Jun 12, 2013, 12:34 PM by Annalisa Ippolito
I have no words enough for explain my feeling and my deep emotions.

Several months after our first workshop in Italy with Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clark I feel that the grace, the devotion and all the big gifts that the mandala brought in my life are still fresh.

I have to give a big thank to all people, special women and men that attended, my husband that helped and supported me. The manager of Palazzo Isolani that gave us the beautiful historic building in the center of Bologna as place where stay for our long week end of mandala.

It was a great experience and if you are interested in you can contact me to this email: eventi@mandalaweb.info, subject “Susanne Fincher in Italy again”, and declare your interest to be part of this project. All together we can convince and invite Susanne Fincher and Marilyn Clark to go back in Italy again and replay the experience we had and more…

I prefer that the video with our photos shows something of these special days, the harmony, the joy, the deep knowledge that we are part of all we have met. And least but not least that mandala is a source of wisdom.

Mandala As Wisdom Source

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