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In loving memory of Martha Bartfeld.

posted Dec 8, 2011, 6:50 PM by Annalisa Ippolito
This page is for remembering Martha Bartfeld. She dedicated a lot of time of her life to draw geometric mandalas. 
She published different coloring books and a book about creation of geometric shapes for mandala. More information about her can be found in her website that is still active: www.marthabartfeld.com
I was honoured by her friendship and her counsels have being a big gift in my life.
Martha passed away one year ago and I'm dedicating her a little tribute.
The video is a tribute for Martha and her love for the angels.

One of her mandala remind an angel so I invited friends, or people that are studying, creating and colouring mandala to color one copy of that mandala and re-send it to me.
The purpose is to share the love and harmony of mandala that Martha shared with all people.
This project is not closed. I will be glad to add all “angel-mandala” of people that wish be part of this tribute.
To receive a copy of this mandala, please, contact me by e-mail at MarthaTribute@mandalaweb.info.
The mandalas could be re-sent to me by e-mail after colouring them.

Thank you 

Tribute to Martha Bartfeld